2.5 Inch Bi-Modal Cat Back Exhaust System

Increase genuine vehicle performance with the 2.5 Inch Bi-Modal Cat Back Exhaust System.

Maintain your VXR8 at a premium level by using only Genuine parts.

Utilising the latest OE technology and manufactured in high quality stainless steel, this 2.5” bi modal cat back exhaust system consists of vacuum operated valves that open and close depending on the vehicle’s rpm. A system designed for those looking for that distinctive V8 rumble when it is needed. Finished with iconic Walkinshaw Performance Oval tips, this exhaust system is the ultimate exhaust enhancement.

Applicable Vehicle(s) Vauxhall VXR8 (E-Series/E-Series 3)
Fitted £2,508 inc VAT.

*Delivery not included.

Walkinshaw Performance 2.5 Inch Bi-Modal Cat Back Exhaust System
Walkinshaw Performance 2.5 Inch Bi-Modal Cat Back Exhaust System
Walkinshaw Performance 2.5 Inch Bi-Modal Cat Back Exhaust System

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