Walkinshaw Performance Car Cover

Car Cover

Customise your Walkinshaw Performance vehicle further with this visual upgrade.

Officially licensed Walkinshaw Performance car covers to protect your Walkinshaw enhanced vehicle.

Available for indoor use (Form-Fit) or outdoor use (Weathershield HP) in 3 colours (Black, Red & Grey) with Large Walkinshaw Performance logo printed on the bonnet.

All covers are made to order and take 3-4 weeks from order to delivery.

Applicable Vehicle(s) Vauxhall VXR8 GTS (VF), Vauxhall VXR8 (E-Series/E-Series 3)
Price £595 inc VAT.
Walkinshaw Performance Car Cover
Walkinshaw Performance Car Cover

Form-Fit High Performance Indoor Fabric

  • Super Soft – Pampers the paint, the chrome, anything the fabric touches
  • Body-Hugging – Stretch weave process allows the cover to follow the contour of the vehicle for the ultimate fit
  • Highly Breathable – Perfect for indoor storage, prevents vapor and heat from becoming trapped under the cover
  • Ding & Dent Protection – Fabric construction helps provide some protection from minor garage "accidents"
  • Machine Washable – The best car cover is a clean cover and this cover is easy to maintain in most front load washer/dryers
  • Available in 3 Colours (Matching storage bag included)
  • Indoor Use Only

WeatherShield HP Key Features and Benefits

  • Dramatic Rain Dispersion - Fabric sheds water as soon as it hits the cover.
  • Superior Dry Time - Because the fabric sheds moisture, just shake the cover and it dries in minutes.
  • Breathable - Allows any heat, moisture or condensation under the cover to easily escape.
  • UV Resistant - Special additives to the encapsulation formula reduce fabric UV degradation.
  • Superior Paint Finish Protection - Silicone polymers used in the encapsulation formula help create a silky-smooth finish that's even less abrasive than flannel.
  • Packs Small - Cover packs into roughly 1/3 the volume of multi-layer fabric covers.
  • Easy Care - Wash and dry at home... most mid-size covers will fit in home washers and dryers - and, unlike non-woven materials, they can be thrown in a dryer.
  • Durable Fade - Resistant Fabric Finish - Premium automotive-grade fabric colour dyes are more fade resistant and hold their colour longer.
Walkinshaw Performance Car Cover

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