HSV/AP Brake Service Kits

Enhance your stopping power with the HSV/AP Brake Service Kits.

Maintain your VXR8 at a premium level by using only Genuine parts.

HSV/AP brake service kits contain a pair of front or rear discs, OE compound or DS2500 pads (customer choice), pad pins and shims.

Applicable Vehicle(s) Vauxhall VXR8 (E-Series/E-Series 3)
Front Brake Service Kit (each) £660* inc VAT.
Rear Brake Service Kit (each) £650* inc VAT.
Set Front Pads only (set of 2) £134.40* inc VAT.
Set Rear Pads only (set of 2) £134.40* inc VAT.

*Delivery not included.

Walkinshaw Performance HSV/AP Brake Service Kits
Walkinshaw Performance HSV/AP Brake Service Kits

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